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Behind-The-Scenes Look At Upcoming History Channel MONTAUK Series THE DARK FILES

One of the most fascinating and scary documentaries of the last couple of years is Christopher P. Garetano’s THE MONTAUK CHRONICLES, which delves into the infamous Camp Hero legends involving the kidnapping of young runaway boys, alien influence, and rumored inhuman experiments. Featuring both interviews with parties involved in those experiments, as well as recreations of some of the most bizarre and horrifying stories, the film showcases the terrors that man is willing to inflict.

Now, Garetano is expanding upon his story and bringing it to The History Channel as a TV series titled THE DARK FILES!

THE DARK FILES will premiere on The History Channel on Sunday, July 23rd with an epic two hour special.

While we don’t have a trailer just yet, below you’ll find two behind the scenes looks at the making of the recreations for THE DARK FILES with co-host and co-producer Garetano. These unique online featurettes were created by Dave Campfield. Have a look!


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