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5 Fantastic New Titles on Netflix

June delivered a new group of titles to Netflix! Many of these are recently available, but a few (like DIG TWO GRAVES) arrived in May and are now starting to make waves with genre fans. Be sure to add all five of the titles to your Netflix watch list.

DIG TWO GRAVES (2014) (arrived in May)

The movie looks at a young girl who, after the drowning death of her brother, becomes obsessed with bringing him back from the dead. When three mysterious men visit her one night and promise to bring him back, she enters a deadly arrangement and brings to light several sins of her family.


TAG (2015) (arrived in May)

Did you like BATTLE ROYALE? A fan of ASSASSINATION CLASSROOM? Yeah, you are going to want to watch TAG. After being the sole survivor of a bus crash, a young girl finds herself trapped in a bizarre, hyper-violent alternate universe.


SHIMMER LAKE (2017) (arrived in June)

I really enjoyed this quirky indie murder mystery, complete with its 90s FARGO-esque feel. The movie works backwards, beginning after the murder has happened and then working back until just before occurs. It’s innovative, darkly comedic, and the time-warping plot device creates a captivating puzzle.


THE KEEPERS (2017) (arrived in May)

THE KEEPERS is a documentary mini-series very similar to MAKING OF A MURDERER, which we all binge-watched last year. THE KEEPERS gets dark and is much harder to stomach in one swoop. But it is endlessly fascinating. The show goes deep into the unsolved murder of a nun from decades ago which involves the church clergy, local townsfolk, law enforcement, and the staff of a Catholic High School.


MAN VS (2015) (arrived in June)

You know those reality shows where a person goes into the wilderness for days on end and uses a single camera to document survival techniques? The TV show MAN VS WILD is the most well-known example. This movie uses that premise and cleverly inserts a nice horror plot. A man heads into the wilderness with his trusty camera. Once he is miles from nowhere, he realizes he is not alone and something is stalking him. I wish the CGI effects were a bit better, but the scares in this one are still great.