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Listen To This Awesome Simulakrum Lab Remix from Dario Argento’s OPERA Soundtrack!

With the vinyl resurgence of the last few years, it’s been great to get some of the now-classic horror scores in LP format. One of the greatest marriages of filmmaker and group is, of course, Dario Argento and GOBLIN. The fine fiends at Rustblade Records have just reissued Claudio Simonetti’s beautiful compositions for Argento’s 1987 cult flick OPERA, and it’s a terrific package!

I was very familiar with this score on CD, so I popped on the record and was pleasantly surprised to hear brand new remixes on Side B. The one that stood out to me most was this Simulakrum Lab remix titled “Confusion.” And since I’ve made it a habit to share awesome remixes every Friday here on the site, I just had to make sure you all got to hear this one!

For those in the UK, you can pick up the LP for OPERA direct from Rustblade right here. In the US, you can find the regular edition via Sound Stage Direct right here. There’s also a deluxe edition now up for pre-order via Two Headed Dog right here.

And for those of you waiting on a proper high def Blu-Ray release of OPERA, the fine fiends over at Scorpion Releasing are planning one for later this year! Be sure to “like” their Facebook page to keep tabs on when it’ll be released. Below is the newly commissioned cover art by Yannick Bouchard!


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