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10 Horror Movies That Really Need a Sequel

We tend to see more sequels than necessary. But if fans call out for more of their favorites, eventually studios begin to listen. For one reason or another, the following 10 films haven’t garnered the creation of further installments which is mystifying. These movies are incredible, and every last one of them is more than deserving of a follow-up.

But don’t let us fill you up with hyperbole. These flicks are all as legit as it gets, so take a peek at the pics we’re hoping to one day spawn a sequel or two!


There isn’t a horror fan out there that doesn’t want to see this battle come to a true, definitive conclusion given the fact that both of these beasts are basically immortal that could be a tough sell. But hell, even if they both walk away from a rematch, at least we got another radical monster movie crossover. The truth is, most of us would watch these two contemporary icons go to war in a dozen films. You just can’t deny how amazing that first battle sequence was!



Perhaps I’m insane or my memory is even worse than I believed, but didn’t Boone swear to help the Nightbreed find a new home? You know, since Midian got the old wrecking ball of destruction. It seems Boone ought to be sticking to his word… I’m not sure how the world would react seeing some of these creatures panhandling at rinky-dink convenience stores. But I can see an awesome macabre adventure, if only Boone would live up to his word and help these poor bastards relocate!



Now that the world knows that John Carpenter and Dean Cundy employed a very small trick to tip off viewers as to who the Thing is and who it isn’t, it’s time to reconsider Carpenter’s finale. What’s interesting about that revelation (if you haven’t read of the secret tactic, I really don’t want to spoil it for you… there’s always Google) is knowing that the final scene between MacReady and Childs openly reveals who the Thing is. And then the movie ends, and we’re left to wonder what happened next.

Over the years, we’ve seen a few killer comic runs of THE THING, perhaps that’s an avenue that the right filmmaker could tap into and turn into a complete, cohesive story!



Come on, now. No one should need to tell you this movie deserves a sequel. A terrifying looking parasite that breaks, consumes, and ultimately uses human beings as contorted, spikey hosts for more fleshy consumption? Toby Wilkins’ first film was nothing short of amazing, and with a parasite of this nature (and effects that amazing), the door to a sequel should never stay closed. We all want more of that eerie monster, so it’s time we start campaigning for it… or hitting rundown gas stations in the middle of nowhere… just sightseeing!



Didn’t every fair slasher of the ‘80s get a sequel? It certainly seems so, but MY BLOODY VALENTINE somehow got skirted when it came time to discuss genre follow-ups. It’s too bad really; the mystery aspect of the original film was quite satisfying and given the history of Valentine’s Bluff, there’s no indicator that a fresh new mystery could be birthed quite easily. I’d happily take a few more pickaxe murders, especially on Valentine’s Day.



As soon as the credits rolled on TUCKER & DALE VS EVIL, fans were demanding (screaming, in this case) a sequel. It’s the perfect horror comedy to warrant more than one installment, as both Tucker (Alan Tudyk) and Dale (Tyler Labine) are not only tremendous performers, they have an onscreen chemistry that feels like a forgotten quality these days. It would also be pretty damn cool to see a horror film’s protagonists warrant a part 2 as opposed to the antagonist, as they typically serve as the crux of sequels. It’s time to let the good old hillbillies shine!



I’m still scratching my head (I think I’ve formed a bald spot) over this one. That strange nasty living sludge is still walking around in the body of the nutty Stu Wargle in the final moments of the film. The kick-off for the sequel is right there! Dimension really dropped the ball in not providing us with a sequel to the best screen transfer we’ve seen of a Dean Koontz book. I don’t know who to be angrier with, Dimension or that asshole Timothy Flyte who went ahead and told the world of his findings. He could’ve kept that under wraps, and we’d likely see another visit from this outrageously powerful entity. As it looks now, that shit is never climbing from the sewers again.



For years Scott Glosserman made it well-known that he had every intention of shooting a follow-up to his cult classic BEHIND THE MASK: THE RISE OF LESLIE VERNON. But after years struggling to get the project off the ground, we’ve been forced to settle for a comic book. Let’s just hope that comic really lights a fire under Glosserman’s ass, and we see the funds and talent come together to bring us the sequel we’ve been waiting 11 years for.



Don’t get me wrong, I know this would be a very, very tricky maneuver to pull off. There’s always the option of leaning on every haunted house cliché in the book, but director Brad Anderson is far too savvy to take the lazy route. I don’t know how he builds upon this story and this rundown mental institute, but with so many of us weirdos floating about, it’s hard to imagine the man failing to find a valid reason to usher a new set of victims into this spooky and controlling building. Even if Anderson came up with a film half as good as SESSION 9, it would still be twice as good as your average haunted house piece.



It seemed a no-brainer that we’d get to see 28 MONTHS LATER after the conclusion of 28 WEEKS LATER. It’s obvious that those infected by the Rage Virus are capable of adapting and learning survival skills of their own. We all thought they were dead after 28 DAYS LATER, remember? Who’s to say this amazing franchise has to end now, and that none of these fiends are still running around, 28 MONTHS LATER?