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5 Horror Movie Posters That Might Scare Your Roommates Away

Movie posters are among the most powerful tools for drawing attention to films we might never have known existed… but they can also be amazing works of art that can bring a touch of personality to a plain, boring white wall.

But today, we will be unlocking a new and functional side of horror posters — that is, their amazing potential to chase annoying roommates far, far away from your personal space once and for all.

Annoyed with roommates who always leave dishes for you to clean up after them? Or the ones that just party all night, costing you precious sleep so you shamble to work like a zombie every morning? Or maybe the couch-jockeys who stay inside all day long, driving up the electric bill? Perhaps all of the above habits belong to the same person? Yeah, we’ve been there too.

If you’ve run out of ways to deal with any of these co-habitation problems, I humbly suggest a subtle but effective pest-removal strategy — in the form of five ultra-creepy horror movie posters that might keep those nosy roomies a safe distance from your pad.


If your roommate has coulrophobia (fear of clowns), this deliciously creepy poster will probably the best option for you. Just take a look at those saliva-dripping, razor-sharp bloody teeth, and that wide sinister smile… chances are one glimpse at this artwork will have your roomies spending the night in the kitchen.


To maximize the scare potential of this one, it may require a little tweak when setting up: Try adjusting the poster to fit into a corner of the room, making this possessed spider-woman look like she’s actually crawling up your wall. I promise you, the result will be golden… and so satisfying you might want to capture it on video.


This poster from the hit Turkish horror movie franchise is so terrifying it can leave you speechless. Just take a look at those glaring, inhuman eyes and wickedly menacing look… I’ve got to admit, the first time I actually saw this poster I was literally stunned with fear and distress, and for a split second I had to turn away. Hopefully it will have the same effect on any room-intruders.


Having trouble with your roomies stealing your food, but afraid to call them out on it? Try putting up this poster for an Australian horror movie — based on the real-life tale of cannibalistic killer Alexander Pearce — and just watch your food magically return to fridge without another word. If not, check inside the toilet bowl…

JU-ON: THE GRUDGE 2 (2003)

For me, the classic image of the J-horror ghost woman — with her long, black hair covering an all-white, deathly-pale face and deep, dark, hollow eyes — will never get old. She will still be gasping and grasping for helpless souls every time your roomie’s head touches the pillow. Sweet dreams!