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Video Illustrates Cary Fukunaga’s Vision For Unmade Version Of Stephen King’s IT!

When it comes to all the well known novels and adapted properties from the works of Stephen King, I can think of no bigger one than IT. Literally, anytime it’s mentioned on the website, people will discuss and debate it at length. And that’s great! I think for a lot of King fans, it stands out as his most epic horror masterpiece. And for a lot of us at a certain age, we grew up with Tommy Lee Wallace’s 1990 2-part TV movie, which introduced us to Tim Curry’s version of Pennywise The Dancing Clown.

This Halloween season, finally, the new movie version of IT will hit theaters on September 8th. But it hasn’t been an east road to get to this point. Long before MAMA director Andres Muschietti helmed the version you’ll see in theaters later this year, TRUE DETECTIVE writer/director/creator Cary Fukunaga spent years trying to get his vision off the ground.

Eventually, that iteration of IT fell apart, and paved the way for the new one, but it’s still one of those curiosities among horror fans. The fine fiends at Birth Movies Death did an excellent break down of his script, which you can read about right here. But I also just stumbled upon this video from Hybrid Network, which gives another great account of what Cary Fukunaga’s vision for IT would’ve been. Check it out below!

And you can find more from Hybrid Network via their You Tube page.