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Shudder Plans Several Original Films Kicking Off With PRIMAL SCREEN!

We’ve been talking about the all-horror streaming service Shudder quite a bit around our offices, and with good reason: the selection, aimed specifically for the die-hard horror fan, is terrific. From new indie favorites, to horror classics, to premieres such as THE RING VS THE GRUDGE mash-up SADAKO VS KAYAKO and PREVENGE, they have the best, most diverse selection.

And now, they’re already aiming to deliver original productions. How soon, you’re probably wondering? How ’bout tomorrow, June 8th! They’ll be premiering the new documentary/mockumentary by filmmaker Rodney Ascher PRIMAL SCREEN. Check out that teaser below:

Ascher also helmed the docs ROOM 237 and THE NIGHTMARE. But Shudder isn’t just stopping there. According to a post on The Hollywood Reporter, they’re plotting several more films, including RIPRORE with WONDER WOMAN director Patty Jenkins attached to helm, DEADWAX from Graham Reznick, THE BLONDES based on the novel by Emily Schultz, and an untitled Arkasha Stevenson project focusing on a serial killer, loosely based on Ted Bundy. That’s a lot on the horizon!

Regarding this week’s premiere, PRIMAL SCREEN, here’s the synopsis and press release.

Why are we simultaneously attracted to and repelled by the things that scare us the most? PRIMAL SCREEN attempts to understand. In this first Shudder Original, acclaimed filmmaker Rodney Ascher (ROOM 237, THE NIGHTMARE) explores the pop culture that left dark impressions on us as children. Ascher asks real people to look back at pop-culture artifacts that traumatized them in their youth and describe the effect they had on their lives. A singular hybrid of documentary and horror, it’s time to stare into the PRIMAL SCREEN.

“PRIMAL SCREEN is a gripping, unique horror documentary that’s unlike anything we’ve ever seen and we look forward to presenting it to our members as our first ‘Shudder Original,'” said Owen Shiflett, vp development at Shudder. “At Shudder, we carefully select every new title added to our library to ensure we are giving our members something beyond what is expected. Expanding into original programming is a natural progression for us, and we’re proud to further enhance Shudder’s offering by bringing our members the vision of emerging and established storytellers who are pushing limits within genre entertainment.”

Get Shudder directly through their website It’s also available via iOS, Android, Chromecast, Apple TV and Roku for $4.99/month or $49.99 with an annual membership.


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