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In Honor Of THE MUMMY, Revisit The Greatest AMAZING STORIES Episode!

This Friday, Universal Pictures launches their new Dark Universe series of films with THE MUMMY, and just like when any franchise re-emerges, it puts me in the mood to revisit all the other interpretations of that franchise. So, needless to say, I’ve been in Mummy mode all month!

Both the original “Complete Legacy Collection” with the original films, and the Brendan Fraser fronted MUMMY movies have just been re-released on Blu-Ray. There are fun Mummy sequences and cameos in WAXWORK and THE MONSTER SQUAD. And Hammer has a handful of creepy Mummy movies. But you know what my all time favorite Mummy-themed movie is? Well, it’s actually a half hour TV show.

It’s the 4th episode of Season One, of NBC’s AMAZING STORIES, the 1985 series produced by Steven Spielberg! The episode, titled “Mummy Daddy,” begins on the set of a new “Mummy” movie. Bronson Pinchot is the Spielberg-esque “director” on the shoot, and the stuntman playing the Mummy gets a call that his wife has gone into labor! With no time to change, he races to the hospital in his Mummy garb. Unlucky for him, the locals believe in Mummies and are out to put an end to the one rumored to be making his way through town! You have to watch the rest to see where it goes. But get ready for easily one of the best and most entertaining “Mummy” stories ever!

You can find even more episodes of AMAZING STORIES via the official NBC website right here!