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Vintage Videos! TV Reports On The Making-Of HALLOWEEN 6: THE CURSE OF MICHAEL MYERS!

It’s always fun to uncover videos from when some of our favorite franchise sequels were in production! And I distinctly remember being beyond excited for HALLOWEEN 6 when it was about to come out. After all, HALLOWEEN 5: THE REVENGE OF MICHAEL MYERS had so many loose threads and ended on a cliffhanger! Would this next entry in the Michael Myers saga explain them all?

Regardless of the outcome, I have fond memories of the anticipation. And the following is the sort of thing I would’ve waited all freakin’ night to catch on TV with a blank VHS in the deck hoping I’d be able to catch it. It’s an Enertainment Tonight report on the production of HALLOWEEN 6, which was recently uploaded to the Facebook page “80’s and 90’s Horror.” Have a look!

Since this clip ended so abruptly, I popped over to You Tube to see if I could find more from this era, and sure enough, there’s a 7 minute “ET Special” as it’s labeled! It’s fun seeing interview footage of “Paul Stephen Rudd” discussing his motivation in playing Tommy Doyle. There are also interview bits with director Joe Chappelle (who went on to direct and produce THE WIRE!) and a tribute to Donald Pleasence who passed away before the film was completed.

Take a few minutes and enjoy!


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