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Hunter’s Helmet Cam Records His Terrifying Encounter with a Bear

Not long ago, we pointed out some of the strange, frightening and potentially deadly things lurking in the darkest woods… including a nightmarish point-of-view video of a bear attack captured by a mountain biker’s helmet camera.

We recently found yet another unsettling clip involving a bear attack, which would suggest these massive mammals are getting bolder — or maybe just hungrier — all over the world.

While on a bow-hunting trip through Fire River, Ontario, Richard Wesley found the hunter-prey roles reversed when a black bear set its sights on him and began to charge.

The man’s helmet camera recorded the entire shocking confrontation:

According to the video description, Wesley managed to escape the bear’s clutches with nothing more than “a bruised elbow and ego,” as well as a lesson that “the black bear is a wild and unpredictable animal.”

That’s a pretty massive understatement, but hey… the more you know, right?