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Want to Know Exactly When You’ll Die? DEATH DATE Can Help!

By now, it’s pretty much a given that you’re seldom more than a Google search and a couple of clicks away from just about anything you’d ever want to know… and, as we’ve learned from our own research, there are a lot of questions better left unanswered.

But, if you’re feeling really daring, we’ve got just the site for you to play around with. But bear in mind, this is a game where the dealer always wins… and in the case of this infamous site, that dealer is Death.

Death Date provides many macabre options, but its most notorious function is a calculator into which users input information about themselves — birth date, gender, weight, height, and other factors including vices like drinking, smoking and drug use.

From this data, compiled in a “Death Form,” the calculator will then estimate how much life you have remaining — as if you’re a player in a cosmic video game — and, of course, the calendar date on which you will most likely die. Of course, there’s also a “death clock” counting down the seconds you have remaining (that’s the large number at bottom right).

You can even see how much life you’ve already used, as expressed in a percentage of your total lifetime. If you’re too chicken to learn your own Death Date, you can always enter someone else’s information.

Sure, it’s just a basic algorithm, and even taking into account the small amount of data you feed it, the end result is basically a roll of the dice… but there’s something about seeing your remaining lifetime expressed in hard numbers that might give you the shivers. That’s probably why this site has developed quite a nefarious reputation since it was first launched in 2006.