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Ready To SCORE? Check Out The Trailer To The Upcoming Soundtrack Movie!

If you’re a frequent visitor here on the website, then you know how much I love movie soundtracks.

We’re currently living through an incredible vinyl resurgence with movie soundtracks at the forefront, getting the respect and recognition that I’ve always thought they deserved, and now composers are starting to get the rock star treatment too! I mean, did you see bits of Hans Zimmer’s performance at the Coachella Music Festival?! Holy smokes!

Well, coming to theaters this June 16th is a new documentary that takes an inside look into the world of movie soundtracks! Check out the trailer to SCORE: A Film Music Documentary!

BEHIND EVERY GREAT FILM IS A GREAT COMPOSER. This celebratory documentary takes viewers inside the studios and recording sessions of Hollywood’s most influential composers to give a privileged look inside the musical challenges and creative secrecy of a truly international music genre: the film score.