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BLUMHOUSE.COM Will Be at Phoenix Comicon this Week!

Tomorrow morning, I’m hitting the road and heading to Phoenix Comicon which runs May 25th through 28th. This is now my 4th year as a guest at Phoenix Comicon, and this massive event has quickly become one of my favorite geek-fueled gatherings! Top guests this year include Karen Gillan, Alan Tudyk, Dick Van Dyke, Danny Trejo, and more.  Be sure to swing by one of our many panels (listed below) and come by the Evil Squared Productions/ booth for round-the-clock horror discussions.

For more info or to get your tickets, click here.

See you there!


Friday 1:30pm- The State of Horror- Rm 131B

Horror is constantly evolving. What was popular last year may not be popular this year. Horror is subjective. What one person likes is completely different from what someone else may like. We are hear to discuss the “State of Horror” in 2017. What’s new, what’s upcoming, and what and where the trends going to take horror in the future.


Friday 3:00pm- Female Perspective: The Heart of Horror- Rm 131B

Horror is often characterized as a “guys'” genre. Though, since the inception of horror storytelling and film-making the female perspective has been the heart of horror. Whether the object of affection, the symbol of sexuality, or the embodiment of power, women in horror offer a unique, personal, and insightful perspective into elements of fear, love, loss, and redemption. Join a panel of female horror enthusiasts as they discuss why women are the heart of horror.


Friday 6:00pm- DIY Horror Filmmaking- Rm 131B

If today’s movies just aren’t scary enough for you- why not just do it yourself?! Channel your inner Hitchcock and learn the ropes with’s Rebekah McKendry!


Saturday 12:00pm- Horror. Music. Mayhem.- Rm 131B

Can you hear it? It’s that music that lets you know the killer is coming, that music that prepares you for something unexpected, that music that plays the soundtrack to your nightmares. It’s Horror. It’s Music. And the Mayhem of Melodies will play extra loud once again as our group of horror enthusiasts discuss why music is so important to them, how horror music has impacted their life and art, and why music is important to the genre. Do you wanna party?


Saturday 3:00pm- Horror Trivia with Rm 131B

It’s time to show off your horror “chops” and get your hands on some scary prizes with the crew from


Sunday 12:00pm- Stream for Me- Rm 131B

Don’t waste all night searching the menu for that perfect scary movie. Come learn about all the gruesomeness that streaming services have to offer and maybe a trick or two about navigating those pesky menu screens.