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BENDY AND THE INK MACHINE: The Creepiest Newcomer to Horror Gaming

Have you played BENDY AND THE INK MACHINE yet?

This first-person horror game plays on the weirdness of childhood (something it has in common with smash hit FIVE NIGHTS AT FREDDY’S). It’s set in an abandoned animation factory where wage-slave artists once created cartoons starring Bendy, a smiling but oddly malevolent creature.

When you first enter, the place seems empty, but exploration reveals strange abominations that seem ripped from a 1930’s Max Fleischer cartoon… except they aren’t funny at all.

BENDY isn’t gory, and the jump scares are minimal, instead, it creates an unsettling mood through storytelling and sepia-toned art design.  BENDY makes you feel as if you’ve stepped into an ancient cartoon, with hand-drawn furniture and spatters of black ink that invoke spilled blood.

Image Credit: TheMeatly Games

As you explore Joey Drew Studios, you’ll solve puzzles, uncover clues that reveal the dark fate of old employees, and discover that Bendy is more than a fictional cartoon star.

The first game from indie developer TheMeatly Games, BENDY AND THE INK MACHINE is being released in chapters for the PC and Mac. You can download the first part for free.

It’s always better to see a game than read about it, so I asked my kid to make a video walkthrough for you… sadly, he “nopes” out after about 9 minutes! Check it out:


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