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Screen Junkies Offers An “Honest” Look At Both ALIENS And PROMETHEUS!

It’s no secret that we love what those fine fiends at Screen Junkies do, especially when it comes to their “Honest Trailer” series. They’re usually pretty spot on with their, well…. I was about to write “critiques,” but let’s go with “observations,” shall we?

With ALIEN: COVENANT now in theaters, a lot of genre fans have already seen it and as usual, been divided. It’s just as divisive, if not more so, than PROMETHEUS was. But regardless of what you thought of it, there’s always room for a little levity, and so just in time for ALIEN: COVENANT, Screen Junkies have produced a new “Honest Trailer” by setting their sights on James Cameron’s epic sequel, ALIENS! Have a look!

And while we’re at it, we might as well share the Honest Trailer for PROMETHEUS as well!

If you missed it, there’s both an additional scene introducing the crew of ALIEN: COVENANT right here, as well as a prologue with David and Shaw that isn’t in the film right here.

Find even more “Honest Trailers” via the Screen Junkies You Tube page!