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This Bear Feared Nothing… Until it Met the Devil Clown

Last week’s viral video showing a giant bear chasing a cyclist on a mountain path [check out the story here if you missed it] is one of several unsettling news items suggesting the massive forest-dwelling beasts haven’t been too happy lately with humans encroaching on their turf.

Of course, most “human vs. bear” encounters amount to little more than annoying disruptions — like the bear in the nocturnal mini-cam footage below. Reportedly recorded in Virginia on May 7 at 1 am, the clip was uploaded May 11 by RM Videos and quickly blew up on socials, grabbing the attention of sites like BoingBoing and AV Club.

As it often happens, the curious woodland mammal has apparently been making a nuisance of him/herself by rummaging through someone’s garbage bins… but this “victim” came up with an extremely inventive deterrent, the success of which was captured on camera with hilariously creepy results:

We’ll assume for the moment that the growling, cackling, glowing-eyed hell clown guarding the bin was purchased from a Halloween supply store, and is not a demonic statue that happens to come to life at night. But regardless of its origin, I imagine it would work equally well against just about any intruder.

But then you have to consider some other possible scenarios… such as this little spawn of Pennywise deciding he’d like to come inside and visit the home’s residents one night.

But until we get footage of that, we can only wait and wonder…