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Get Your ALIEN: COVENANT Apparel & Pins From FRIGHT-RAGS Now!

You know the deal by now. In terms of high-quality horror, sci-fi and cult apparel, Fright-Rags is among the best in the biz. And often times, they’ll set their sights on classics such as TEXAS CHAIN SAW MASSACRE, John Carpenter’s THE THING or THEY LIVE. But with the release of ALIEN: COVENANT this weekend, which I imagine most of you went to go see, they’ve officially gotten the license for Ridley Scott’s latest, and whether you’re a lover or a hater, you’ve got to admit these are some pretty cool designs!

The header image is the last theatrical one-sheet poster on  T-shirt, baseball tee or hoodie variations. The “face hugger” design below comes from artist Kyle Crawford!

We’ve got another two Kyle Crawford originals below, but the one on the left glows in the dark!!!

Yet again, two more from artist Kyle Crawford below.

And for all you pin collectors, the bottom two ALIEN: COVENANT tie-ins are available for pre-order for $12 bucks each.

Head over to the Fright-Rags website and pick up one of the many ALIEN: COVENANT designs right here.

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