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Survival Horror Game DEADLY PREMONITION Returns… as a Board Game!

DEADLY PREMONITON: THE BOARD GAME is coming to haunt your dining room table on game night. It’s planned for release in December 2017. Pretty cool, right, Zach?

Based on the bizarre survival-horror video game of the same name, DEADLY PREMONITION lets two to four players revisit the weird characters, haunted locations, and creepy events in Springvale. Players take on the role of FBI agents searching for the vicious “Raincoat Killer.” The twist: One of the players is the murderer, and it’s up to the others to discover them.

Made by Rising Star Games with the support and approval of DEADLY PREMONITION creator Swery, the board game is largely card-based and features the quirky sensibility that made the video game so unforgettable.

According to Rising Star Games’ Samuel Elphick, the game is “themed around narrative, player interaction, and a little bit of role-playing if you’re up to it.”

Whether any board game could live up to the hypnotic and hilarious TWIN PEAKS-meets-PlayStation-One vibe of the video game is an open question… but Rising Star is brave for trying. Hopefully, players will be able to tell their fortunes from their coffee cups, eat yummy turkey sandwiches, and earn points for having long discussions with their imaginary friends about the sadomasochistic nature of Tom and Jerry cartoons.

The game’s Kickstarter was just announced yesterday, and its $50,000 goal was met in only eight hours. The funding is currently up to $83,000 with 28 days to go, so stretch goals are sure to be reached. If the total goes past $125,000, Swery himself will add a new agent character.

If you’re into this sort of thing, check it out.