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Meet Dr. Jekyll In This New Featurette For THE MUMMY!

If there’s one thing I love, it’s the Universal Monster Movies. They were, after all, my earliest recollections of the horror genre, and what turned me into the horror fanatic I am now. I rather like the various updates and reinterpretations we’ve seen over the years. Francis Ford Coppola’s 1992 DRACULA is a visual feast. And despite the studio tampering and flaws, I rather like the 2010 WOLFMAN movie as well. I always welcome the return of the monsters in any form or fashion.

So, color me intrigued by Universal Pictures’ bold attempt to reinvent the Universal Monsters by pairing them with big movie stars and plotting out a “shared universe” of films, kicking off with Tom Cruise in THE MUMMY, opening June 9th. Now, the thing that was fun about the original movies is they already were in a shared “universe.” And they often would pick up exactly where the last movie finished. I, personally, always appreciate attention to continuity! But hell, if THE MUMMY kicks off a new series of monster movies, I’m cautiously optimistic for it!

At the center of it all will be Doctor Henry Jekyll, whose grandfather (I think? Or is he the first?) was the notorious Doctor that turned into the hideous Mr. Hyde! He’ll be played by Russell Crowe in THE MUMMY, and Universal Pictures has just revealed a featurette titled “Prodigium” that explains how he fits into this world and is at the center of all the “Gods and Monsters.”

Check it out!

THE MUMMY arrives in theaters June 9th.