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The Phenomenon Of TWIN PEAKS! Showtime Release 3-Part Mini-Documentary!

It’s hard to believe that this Sunday, May 21st, Showtime will air the first new episode(s) of TWIN PEAKS in over 25 years! And in that time span, the show has maintained its cult status as a cultural phenomenon. Its influence on the television landscape is still very prominent, and so it’s only fitting that creators David Lynch and Mark Frost come back now with 18 hours of new story to share with us.

Showtime is doing their part to fully hype this landmark event. Via their You Tube channel, they’ve released the following 3-part mini documentary titled TWIN PEAKS: THE PHENOMENON where the cast and crew discuss creating TWIN PEAKS, David Lynch bringing the cinematic style to television and the series becoming a cultural phenomenon. Check it out below!

TWIN PEAKS, the 18-hour limited event series will debut with a two-hour premiere on Sunday, May 21 at 9PM ET/PT.


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