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The Cryptic, Terrifying YouTube Videos of ANIMALHEAD

As you know by now, the web is filled with more baffling, mysterious and inexplicable content than anyone could ever begin to explain… and that’s not even counting the so-called “Dark Web,” with its ominous reputation as a den of unspeakable deeds, information and transactions; I’m just talking about all the insane shit you can easily stumble upon while browsing or hanging out on social media.

Users really can post just about any content their imaginations can devise… and if a social platform like 4chan or Reddit manages to seize upon it, some particularly bizarre content can quickly take on a life of its own, often expanding far beyond the original intent of its creators.

The examples of this are virtually endless… but today I’m going to focus on just one, which I only recently discovered and have now become a bit obsessed with — the YouTube channel titled AnimalHead.

Like many similar channels of dubious origin, the unknown creator(s) behind AnimalHead offer the viewer a large collection of very brief, extremely cryptic video clips. These uploads — the first of which is dated August 17, 2016 — vary in length, but are seldom more than a couple of minutes apiece.

Many of the videos are comprised of a single shot — either from a fixed camera position or an erratically roving point-of-view — and most of the recorded images tend to flicker in and out, sometimes cutting to a black or blue screen, or to bits of different footage altogether. When audio is available, it’s often heavily distorted, and isn’t always synchronized with what’s happening on camera.

Another consistent factor among the dozens of clips uploaded to the channel (52 in all, as of this writing) is the strange title assigned to nearly every file; some are in other languages (especially Russian/Cyrillic characters), some in binary ones and zeroes, and many in the dots-and-dashes of vintage Morse Code.

The video descriptions are equally baffling — some also contain strings of binary or Morse code, scattered clouds of ASCII characters, or entire paragraphs repeating the same letter… and more than half of them bear no captions whatsoever.

There are a few notable exceptions, of course. For example, one video is captioned with the poem “Water” by Ralph Waldo Emerson:

The water understands
Civilization well;
It wets my foot, but prettily,
It chills my life, but wittily,
It is not disconcerted,
It is not broken-hearted:
Well used, it decketh joy,
Adorneth, doubleth joy:
Ill used, it will destroy,
In perfect time and measure
With a face of golden pleasure
Elegantly destroy.

Additionally, many of the Morse Code messages, when translated, reveal a few obtuse clues. Case in point: the first video in the series is captioned ..-. — -..- –. .. .-. .-.., which is Morse Code for FOX GIRL. Another coded caption reads THERE WAS ONLY ONE HOUSE THE FOX WAS IN… PICK ONE.

That led me to the next clue — which is a much longer coded message within the AnimalHead channel’s “About” section:


Not only is this an eerie revelation, but leads to many more questions… not all of which have answers (yet). Also, according to various Redditors who have been regularly tracking the channel, this coded text has changed periodically in the months since the videos first appeared.

Now to address the really unsettling part — the audio-visual content and themes presented in these clips — and how it may possibly relate to coded messages like the one in the video above, which translates as:


There are a few consistent factors at play here. First, the name “Aimee” surfaces numerous times across several of the videos — either in Morse Code, or spoken in unidentified voices on the heavily-altered audio track. Another recurring theme is that of the fox, which is represented in several ways — all of them extremely creepy.

If any kind of narrative is unfolding across the fifty-plus clips, it may be that someone named “Aimee” has been imprisoned or otherwise kept under the control of someone  we never see… and that unseen presence has horrific plans for her.

The video below, which shows a young androgynous figure outside a house, is accompanied by a nightmarish voice-over, pitched down to sound monstrous, reciting phrases like “I am going to wear you… Do not reject me, do not squirm. You are nice against my flesh… I will use you. I will make you my own.”

Other recurring themes include brief excerpts from the NES game PORKY PIG’S HAUNTED HOLIDAY (one disturbing moment shows Porky with his eyes blacked out). This may be connected to an early clip which repeatedly scrolls the onscreen text “eShay Isyay otNay Ayay ineSway” — Pig Latin for “She is not a swine.”

One disturbing video begins as a walk-through of the Porky Pig game, but inter-cuts this with point-of-view footage taken by someone walking through an empty house.

The clip begins to break up, but briefly flashes on a single shot — a bathroom mirror selfie taken by a young woman, her head tilted at a harsh angle to obscure her face.

Scattered among the captions on the game’s credits screen, two larger text blocks read: “That is not Aimee… But it looks like her.”

The “pig” theme is graphically reinforced in a later clip, which shows the actual dissection of a pig fetus, presumably during a medical school lab session.

Another frequent theme among these clips is water — either the still waters of an unidentified lake, rushing rivers and streams, or rising flood waters (more on that shortly).

A possible linkage between the AnimalHead videos may lie somewhere between the aforementioned clip and a previous one from September 23, 2016, bearing the description “Compliance” (spelled backwards), which shows a woman wearing a doll-like mask brushing her hair in front of a mirror.

There is no live sound here, only a distorted musical background, and a semi-garbled string of text eventually appears. It’s hard to make out the entire passage (some sections have been deliberately obscured), but the exposed words contain phrases like “This footage is from 2007… I need to find her… I am so sorry… This is dedicated to Aimee… doesn’t like to come around anymore.”

While theories have spread like wildfire, none have managed to identify the true identity of AnimalHead, or the mysterious “Aimee” whose name features prominently in many of the videos, or even the exact locations where the footage was shot.

A few users might have managed to narrow down the location issue, however, and claim clues can be found in entries like this one from October 10, 2016, which is nothing more than an excerpt from a CNN broadcast covering damage caused by Hurricane Matthew:

The clip ends with the text “the storm has passed,” over a blue background, and the video description reads “The replacement has not surfaced.”

Curiously, an earlier AnimalHead video dated September 25, 2016 bears the title “Nassau Co,” and later clips seem to depict flood waters rising… in one instance even leaking through a bedroom ceiling.

Is Nassau County, Florida indeed the videos’ actual location? If so, could it also be the site where something horrible happened to “Aimee?” Did she drown in the flood? Was she already dead, and AnimalHead was concerned that flooding following Hurricane Matthew might uncover her body (i.e., “the replacement has not surfaced”)? Is there more than one body?

All that speculation aside, the biggest question still remains… Who the hell is Aimee?

A possible hint to the answer might lie within one of AnimalHead’s most disturbing and surreal videos — a David Lynch-style clip which includes single-frame flashes of an attractive blonde woman who could be sleeping, drugged or dead… but appears to be caught in mid-orgasm.

The nightmarish clip is accompanied by the following bizarre “letter” to Aimee:

Dear Aimee,


It has come to my attention that you do not want to be replaced… because of every failed attempt at find[ing] some kind of way to make everything right… so this is what I am going to do… I am going to keep trying to make you see me… and I remember when we use[d] to see each other… well, you never really saw me… I suppose it was something kind of one sided… I have counted the hairs on your head… I have seen you… you would like me and the cakes I’ve baked… they [are] yummy… I can never find just one of you.

The content of these uploads gets progressively more terrifying… like this clip from November 2, 2016, which bears the title “Ana.”

The unknown, dark figure behind the shower curtain is wearing two white masks — the latter of which is the face of a fox. The fox and doll masks return several times — occasionally worn by different people.

For example, in a clip entitled “темные комнаты” (Russian for “Dark Rooms”), with the description “FIND” in Morse Code, a fox-masked figure resembling the woman in the August 17, 2016 video can be seen roaming a hallway, and removing a crucifix from a wall.

The horror continues in more recent uploads — like the clip below, which flashes the Russian word for “Foxtrot” (NOTE: this flashing is a potential seizure trigger, so be aware of this when hitting the link) before showing a woman sitting on a couch, accompanied by music from a SESAME STREET video game. The video freezes on the woman’s face — which has suddenly taken on a grotesque, mask-like appearance (some have claimed she is missing her right hand, but this is likely due to the angle of her arm in the shot).

Perhaps the most revealing and terrifying clip of all is labeled only with a spade playing-card symbol, and depicts the same double-masked figure (I presume) we saw earlier behind the shower curtain… but this time, he/she can be seen dragging a human body across a kitchen floor. Toward the end, we see a hash-mark added to a piece of paper, bringing the mysterious tally to 45…

What does this count signify? The easiest assumption would be a tabulation of a serial killer’s victims… but there’s no definitive visual proof that any of the women shown on camera have been abducted and/or killed by the fox-masked figure.

Another piece of the puzzle may be found in the following clip — a guided tour through a filthy, abandoned house (including an ominous-looking revamped basement) revealing a locked door bearing the sign CANDY ROOM.

If you watch carefully, at roughly the 48-second mark you’ll see a scattering of text; closer examination reveals the phrase THE DOOR BEHIND THIS DOOR IS WHERE WE KEEP HER. This, combined with the manifesto-like “About” section, further suggests AnimalHead may be more than one person.

Another hint for this may lie in a clip labeled “It’s your turn,” in which a shot of a collapsed shack in the woods reveals two people walking away in the upper center of the frame. They may simply be hikers (one is wearing a backpack), but the camera operator makes a point of highlighting their passage before switching to flash-frames of a person in a white hood and another shot of the “CANDY ROOM.”

Things get progressively more frightening with each upload… and new videos continue to appear on the channel even now.

I’ll let you decide for yourself what AnimalHead is trying to tell us through these cryptic entries… but first I’ll leave you with one final, frightening clip, entitled “Bedtime Story” — which seems to bring us just a little bit closer to revealing the true nature of the fox-masked figure — along with a a choice quote:

The red fox smiled and said, “The truth is in the trees, the dirt and water… it has always been there inside of you wanting to escape… and no matter where you run, no matter where you hide, it will take over.”


Evil was born… Evil was born… Evil was born.



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