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Robert Kurtzman and Doug Jones Have Fun With THE BYE BYE MAN… On A Train!

Stacy Title’s THE BYE BYE MAN came out at the beginning of this year to a mixed reception. But it did have some cool stuff going for it. Besides this fun prank video, the great Robert Kurtzman provided the special FX make-up for the title character who was portrayed by fan favorite Doug Jones! And it seems to be one of those make-up designs that both Kurtzman and Jones are tremendously fond of.

Case in point, we’ve just been provided with these 3 cool behind-the-scenes photographs. In them, Kurtzman is applying the BYE BYE MAN make-up on Jones, and then the two decide to hope on a local train. I wonder if anyone noticed?

Last month, the pair pulled off a similar stunt at the Monsterpalooza convention in Pasadena, California. The Bye Bye Man walked among the crowds at the convention, unbeknownst to anyone that it was, in fact, Doug Jones in character again.

THE BYE BYE MAN is now available in an uncut version on both Blu-Ray and DVD. You can find it on Amazon. There’s also a book titled THE BYE BYE MAN: AND OTHER STRANGE-BUT-TRUE TALES that you can find right here.