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5 Incredibly Strange Movies on Netflix Instant

Looking for something different on Netflix, something that will warp your mind or shock you? Below are five of the weirdest films on Netflix instant. They are not all horror (unlike my usual lists), but they all are wild viewing experiences!

IN THE BASEMENT (2014)(Cover Photo)

This documentary looks at people’s obsessions, specifically examining what they keep in their basements. Don’t expect old magazines or rarely used exercise equipment. This flick delves into bizarre fetish gear, Nazi paraphernalia, and some of the strangest collections you’ve ever seen.



You can tell from the get-go that THE SIMILARS is not a standard science fiction pic. The movie takes place on a very artificial set, and the acting is quite melodramatic. But the plot and peculiar style will keep you fascinated. During an awful storm, a group of strangers are stuck at a bus station. One-by-one they experience seizures, and wake up much different than before.



A drug-loving young lady wakes up after a wild night of partying and discovers she is pregnant, but something is wrong with the baby, her body, and reality. ANTIBIRTH is filled with wild hallucinations that will make you question drug use and procreation in general.



MEN IN RUBBER MASKS focuses on dudes who like to dress-up like rubber dolls. They create full body suits, which they call “Fem Skin.” Though the activity seems peculiar, even creepy at points, the documentary has a lot of larger important messages about acceptance, self-esteem, being yourself even if you have to create it, and more. I honestly began the movie full of fascinated bewilderment, and ended with a deeper appreciation for the “maskers”.



This horror comedy involves hallucinogenic drugs, dimension and time-travel, and plenty more mind-twisting plot points. Directed by genre veteran Don Coscarelli, JOHN DIES AT THE END is hilarious and guaranteed to shred your grasp on reality.