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How to Summon an Otherworldly Entity with Your Bathroom Mirror!

So you want to summon a supernatural entity or demon into your bathroom mirror… What are ya, crazy or something?

You’re meddling with forces beyond your control or understanding, piercing the veil between Life and Death, and imperiling your immortal soul… and for what? So you can freak out your friends?

Seriously: Do not perform these rituals — which, by the way, are totally real and not just suburban slumber-party folklore.

But if you must… here are step-by-step guidelines to summoning Bloody Mary, Candyman and Baby Blue into your home.

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Which Spirit is Right For YOU?

The first step to bathroom-mirror-occultism is to decide whom you want to drag from the spirit world into the material plane.

The most popular entities for home specter-rousing are Candyman, Baby Blue, and perennial slumber party favorite Bloody Mary, and each of these has a different summoning ritual and effect — so it pays to make an informed decision before you enact your ritual.

With that in mind, I’ve included a bit of history for each of these beings, along with the corresponding set of summoning rules…

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Summoning Bloody Mary

The grand-dame of all mirror-walking ghosts, Bloody Mary has been visiting slumber parties around the world for years. While it’s impossible to say when people started holding amateur invocation rituals for this ghostly celebrity, her name is almost certainly based on Mary Tudor, once Queen of England and Ireland, crowned in 1553. They called her “Bloody Mary” because she loved murdering Protestants by burning them at the stake.

Bloody Mary killed over 250 people during her five-year reign — which ended when her own sister assumed the throne and had Mary put to death. Perhaps as cosmic punishment for her misdeeds, Bloody Mary Tudor apparently spends eternity being summoned to the bathrooms of 12 year-olds.

To actually summon this decrepit monarch, you’ll need a candle, a bathroom with a mirror, and at least one friend.

Step One: Turn off the lights in the bathroom.

Step Two: Spend at least five minutes quieting yourselves mentally outside the bathroom door. If you’re doing this, it’s probably because you’re 12 years old… but don’t act like a 12 year-old. Don’t giggle… you’re literally summoning a demon here. This is some serious, serious shit — and you should not mock the forces of the supernatural.

Step Three: When suitably mentally prepared, spin around three times, light the candle, and enter the bathroom, closing the door behind you.

Step Four: Lightly place a finger on the mirror, and have the rest of the dumb friends you roped into doing this hold hands, forming a human chain attached to the mirror. Gaze into the darkness of the looking-glass.

Step Five: As you stare into the mirror, slowly and clearly repeat the name “Bloody Mary” five times. Do not blink. Do not waver. Do not quail.

Step Six: If nothing happens, try adding this: “I stole your baby, Bloody Mary.” This is a reference to Mary Tudor’s inability to conceive an heir to the throne… so it will totally piss her off, and should draw her to you.

If you did everything correctly, you should see the horrifying visage of a gaunt and terrible ice queen in the corner of you mirror, staring at you with jealousy and hatred.

Now that you have summoned Bloody Mary into your mirror, you will never be free of her. Whether brushing your teeth, crapping, or taking a shower, she will be there, watching you from far away in the mirror place, bedeviling you all of your days. She’ll follow you from mirror to mirror too — because all mirrors are connected. She also writes messages if your mirror fogs up… and they are not nice messages at all.

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Summoning Baby Blue

There are many variations on Baby Blue’s story, but to set the record straight, below is the real story of the tragic infant…

My friend’s sister’s great-aunt Beatrice was a renowned beauty, known throughout the Tri-State area for her perfect features and her haughty nature. Although many paramours asked for her hand, she loved a rambler, a handsome but callow card-player fond of drink and taking the Lord’s name in vain.

To win his affection, Beatrice spent her family’s small fortune paying off his gambling debts. She bought him pinkie rings and furs, taking care of his every need in the hopes that one day he would ask for her hand in marriage… but he never did. He just kept stringing her along, getting loaded with her dowry, and living it up in the local taverns and houses of ill repute. Eventually, though, the money ran out… so Beatrice gave him the only thing she had left: Her purity.

The morning after deflowering Beatrice, the gambler was gone, never to return, leaving her with nothing… except the child growing in her womb.

Nine months later, Beatrice gave birth to a baby boy. They called him Baby Blue, for he had the most beautiful blue eyes anyone had ever seen. Baby Blue loved being held, and it was said that everyone who looked into his eyes would be compelled to cradle the boy in their arms. Everyone, that is, except his own mother.

The child reminded vain Beatrice of her lost love, so she hated and ignored him. All day long, while he cried in his crib, Beatrice gazed into her mirror, obsessively fixing her makeup and hair in preparation for the return of her beloved.

One morning, the baby managed to climb out of his cradle. Wanting only to be held by his mother, he crawled toward her at the mirror. He smiled up at her and tugged Beatrice’s leg. Startled, she smeared her red lipstick down her cheek.

In a fit of rage, she hurled a perfume bottle at the looking glass, shattering it. Grabbing a shard of broken glass, she slit Baby Blue’s throat.

Then she held the child in her arms as the blood drained from his body. For the first time, she noticed his beautiful blue eyes, and recognized him for what he was: Her child. Before the blood fully drained out of the baby, he managed to gurgle his first and last word: “Mama.”

In grief and madness, she took her own life, slitting her wrists with the mirror’s glass.

Are you sure you want to bring that kind of energy into your house? Anyway, Onto the summoning!

Step One: Lock yourself in a dark room with a mirror. It’s important that the room is completely dark and that the door is locked. You must be alone when you enact this ritual.

Step Two: Stretch your arms in front of you, palms open. Stand perfectly still, mentally picturing Baby Blue, until you feel the weight of a child in your arms.

Step Three: Cradle the dead baby, rock him back and forth and coo to him. Whisper his name to him. If you’ve done everything correctly, and you’re pure of heart, you should hear laughter and cooing. Congratulations! You’ve brought momentary peace to the soul of troubled spirit baby.

Like a real baby, Blue is now your responsibility. Raise him in a loving home, teach him manners, and send him to a good ghost college. (Try Scary Harvard.)

Warning: You must never, ever make Baby Blue cry. If he does, his mother will hear it and rush at you from inside the mirror, shrieking at the one who dared to steal her child.

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Summoning Candyman

Candyman is a fictional character invented by author Clive Barker in his short story “The Forbidden,” and he later appeared in a classic movie bearing his name. Some say he’s not as real as other entities, and for this reason can’t be summoned. But I say, “nonsense!” Maybe Candyman used Barker as a vessel Candyman to draw himself into existence. Anything is possible with ghosts.

Anyway… Candyman, according to the movie, was the son of a slave who fell in love with and married a white woman. This did not sit well with her father or the local racists, who formed a lynch mob to murder him. They cut off his hand and replaced it with a hook, then smeared him with honey so that bees would sting him to death. His corpse was burned, and his ashes scattered in Chicago, where the Cabrini Green housing project now stands. The residents of the project know that you can summon Candyman by looking into the mirror and saying his name five times.

While the aforementioned Candyman may be a fictional villain (as far as we know), another infamous “Candy Man” is, tragically, quite real.

Ronald Clark O’Bryan was a seemingly normal optician with a wife and two children. On Halloween night, 1974, he took his son, daughter, and some neighborhood kids trick or treating… and gave all the kids Pixy Stix laced with arsenic. O’Bryan’s son was the only one who ate the poison candy.

O’Bryan’s original explanation for the candy — “I got it from a guy at one of the houses we visited” — quickly fell apart under interrogation, and the truth came out: He had taken out multiple insurance policies against his child’s life, and killed him to collect. In a bit of poetic justice, O’Bryan ended up dying by poison himself — he was executed by lethal injection in 1984.

It’s very easy to Summon Candyman: You just look into your mirror, in a dark room, and say “Candy Man” five times slowly.

The trick, though, it that since there are two dead weirdos with the same name, there is no way of knowing which evil entity will appear. It could be a bee-covered victim of racial hatred circa 1890, who will run you through with his hook hand, or a broke 1970s guy waving around poisoned Pixy Stix, urging you to have a taste. (Some have even reported appearances by Sammy Davis Jr.)

But don’t take my word for it. Test it out yourself… IF YOU DARE!!!

NOTE: As always, we claim no responsibility for any supernatural damage, hauntings, fear, or psychic distress you may experience from engaging in these rituals. With that said, I personally encourage you to engage in all manner of occultic practices without proper foreknowledge or preparation, because I don’t think any of this is real.