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TEXAS FRIGHTMARE 2017 Report! BATES MOTEL! Dario Argento! Rob Zombie’s 31, FRIGHT NIGHT & More!

The 2017 iteration of Texas Frightmare Weekend has just wrapped, and the convention was, yet again, a smashing success! and Arrow Video were among the primary sponsors, and I found myself fortunate enough to moderate a handful of the panels, along with my Shock Waves co-hosts, so the following may come off as biased, but I assure you it’s sincere. Texas Frightmare has become one of my personal favorite horror cons in the country.

The doors opened on Friday night to record crowds. A good handful of people (including myself and Ryan Turek!) made our first destination the Mondo table where they had several brand new poster designs exclusively for this show, including THE THING by Jason Edmiston, FRIDAY THE 13TH PART 3 by Gary Pullin, AN AMERICAN WEREWOLF IN LONDON by Matt Ryan Tobin and WES CRAVEN’S NEW NIGHTMARE by Mike Saputo. (Pictured below!)

Among the many vendors, you could find movies from Arrow Video, Severin Films, Vinegar Syndrome and more! London 1988 was offering up a glow-in-the-dark BATES MOTEL pin, available exclusively at this show. And you could find horror posters, shirts, vinyl soundtracks, t-shirts and more among the floor.

Guests included everyone from the cast & director of FRIGHT NIGHT (pictured below), HELLEVATOR’s own Jen and Sylvia Soska, various cast and crew from John Carpenter’s THE THING, STREET’S OF FIRE’s Michael Pare, THE SHINING’s Danny Lloyd, director Frank Henenlotter, AMERICAN PIE’s Shannon Elizabeth and Chris Owen and many, many more.

Hell, over at the table, we were representing the Shock Waves podcast, and pleasantly surprised to find a listener dressed as the “Shocker” character from our Cavitycolors shirt designed by Devon Whitehead! Cosplay victory!

But you want to get to the good stuff, right? Below are a handful of some of the panels that took place over the course of the weekend, shot & edited by site friend Dustin Sain. Check ’em out!


40th Anniversary SUSPIRIA Panel:



Rob Zombie’s 31 Panel:

Each year, Texas Frightmare Weekend kicks off the summer convention season in style, and in terms of quality and pure fun, it’s unmatched.

Be sure to stay tuned via their official Facebook page and Twitter page for details on the next one. And see you there!


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