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The Chilling New IT Trailer Takes You Down to the Sewers of Derry!

Viewers of this year’s MTV Movie & TV Awards got a shocking visit from Pennywise the Dancing Clown — courtesy of the latest official trailer for Andres Muschietti’s highly-anticipated feature film adaptation hitting screens this Fall, which the network unveiled Sunday night.

In addition to giving us more personal time with “The Loser’s Club” (including a hilarious exchange about the unsanitary conditions of the Derry, Maine sewer system), the trailer also gives you a bigger sense of what the kids are up against, and drops a few hints about their monster-fighting strategy that should strike a familiar chord with fans of the novel.

The group’s otherworldly nemesis Pennywise is revealed more clearly this time, clutching his trademark red balloons… which all float, as you know. But this time they float away, to reveal something truly terrifying.

Check it out…

Given the excitement over the previous trailer (which emphasized little Georgie’s fatal encounter with the diabolical clown), this one should have the interwebs buzzing all week.

The first of the two-part IT release premieres September 8, and in the meantime I’m sure we’ll be getting a few more glimpses of what’s lurking down there…