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We’ve been feeding Audrey II since the 1960s, we have done the TIME WARP a thousand times, and we have been psyched out of our minds by SHOCK TREATMENT. In the last decade, audiences have decided that many cult classic horror films should be adapted for the stage starring charming maniacs with the voices of angels. SILENCE OF THE LAMBS broke its years of silence with a staged musical version, RE-ANIMATOR was reanimated on stage, and THE EVIL DEAD also rose from the grave to dance in front of a blood-spattered live audience. Now, just in time for the summer, SLASHED! THE MUSICAL sends Hollywood horror fans back to camp… I mean the theatre.

Time traveling back to 1983— when virtually all great slashers roamed the woods— SLASHED! THE MUSICAL is a love letter to the summertime screams that we hold so dearly in our bleeding hearts. The seven musical numbers in the story pay tribute to the popular hits of the 1980s as well as touch on the cliche horror tropes that have evolved from being the sources of jump scares in their early years of use to being the subjects of movie marathon drinking games.

The story follows a few camp counselors in training who are preparing for the grand re-opening of Camp Doom. … Did I say “Camp Doom?” I mean Camp Freedom. Ten years ago, tragedy fell on Camp Doom— Camp Freedom— when little Peetie Jergins landed in a bonfire and burned to death while counselors were busy doing what all teenagers obviously did back then: drink, get stoned, screw, and P-A-R-T-Y. Not a single soul heard Peetie’s screams. Now Peetie’s restless spirit lurks in the woods, seeking justice for his death through the brutal murder of any adolescents engaging in the same acts that led to his unfortunate fate.

This original horror-comedy period piece is co-produced by seasoned horror producer Rudy Scalese who is responsible for one of the goriest documentaries known to all mankind, GOING TO PIECES: THE RISE AND FALL OF THE SLASHER FILM, in addition to 6 SOULS and several short films exhibited on Eli Roth’s CRYPT TV. SLASHED! THE MUSICAL is also co-produced by online horror journalist extraordinaire Clarke Wolfe, best known for her involvement with COLLIDER NIGHTMARES, EARBUD THEATER, and THE BLOODCAST. Working alongside such highly acclaimed genre experts is director Chelsea Stardust who has quickly risen to become one of the most praised horror short filmmakers of late with such masterpieces as UNDER THE BED, MARCO POLO, and SLAY-PER-VIEW.

The book, music, and lyrics are the work of musical theatre talent and horror screenwriter Sean Keller who has dazzled audiences with everything from RENT and BUDDY: THE BUDDY HOLLY STORY to Dario Argento’s GIALLO and John Carpenter’s THE WARD. The icing on this bloody delicious cake? The choreography was designed and executed by none other than BLUMHOUSE.COM‘s editor-in-chief Rebekah McKendry.

In anticipation of the all-new horror musical, here is a fan-made music video for the killer’s lament called “WHY”:

SLASHED! The Musical PROMO from Thomas Della Bella on Vimeo.

SLASHED! THE MUSICAL premiers at the Complex Theatre in Hollywood, California on Sunday, June 4th. Click here for tickets. Don’t forget to like SLASHED! THE MUSICAL on Facebook.