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Mondo Announces an Epic Board Game Based on John Carpenter’s THE THING!

It was only a matter of time before the masterminds at creative collective Mondo got on board (pardon the pun) with the movie-centric tabletop game craze — a trend which so far has spawned insanely cool board games like the slasher-flick-themed MIXTAPE MASSACRE and a game based on John Carpenter’s BIG TROUBLE IN LITTLE CHINA… but damn, these folks really know how to go all-in on a project.

Carpenter fans (myself included) are soon to be freaking out, now that Mondo has unveiled details of their forthcoming board game THE THING: INFECTION AT OUTPOST 31 — which, as if I needed to explain this, is lovingly based on the director’s 1982 classic.

A collaboration between Mondo and USAopoly’s Project Raygun, INFECTION AT OUTPOST 31 is designed to recreate the film’s plot in tabletop form — and, according to its creators, the goal was to make the gameplay experience “as authentically cinematic as possible, ensuring that the players will experience the paranoia and tension that makes the film so great.”

The player can take on one of a dozen different film roles — including, of course, MacReady and Childs — and try to expose “infected” players among the group, while at the same time gathering gear to do battle with the Thing in its many gruesome (and hidden) incarnations.

Here’s what we know so far: OUTPOST 31 will be available in two versions: the Standard Edition features artwork and designs by Justin Erickson of Phantom City Creative, while Mondo’s Exclusive version (sold exclusively through, limited to a run of 1982 copies) features different packaging artwork by Jock, as well as an exclusive Mondo print, enamel pin and two additional sculpted game pieces — the Norwegian from the opening of the film and the “Palmer Thing.”

“With THE THING box art, I wanted to focus on the isolation of Outpost 31 and hint at the hidden alien dangers that lurk around every corner,” Erickson said. “The title of the game cut out of the ice/snow is a call back to the Thing originally being cut out of the ice by the Norwegians.”

Release dates for either edition are unknown at this stage, so be sure to join their mailing list for updates!



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