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This Horrifying Little Girl Is the Freakiest Thing You’ll See Today

You’re probably looking at this photo and thinking, “What’s so scary about an adorable pigtailed child?” Well, all I can say to that is… look closer.

Look into those glassy, hollow eyes… behold that sunny grin that’s just a bit too wide… and then the uncomfortably adult muscle definition of the neck and shoulders.

This “little girl” is one of several ultra-realistic silicone creations by expert maskmaker Landon Meier — whose trademark “Hyperflesh” masks have amazed and horrified thousands of people around the world since he first introduced his chillingly realistic baby-faces (now a perennial Halloween favorite) nearly 17 years ago.

Meier has also crafted dead-on likenesses of world leaders like Trump and Putin and celebrities including Charlie Sheen, Stephen Colbert and Bryan Cranston — the latter of which famously walked the halls of San Diego Comic-Con wearing his own synthetic head, in a bizarre meta-twist on traveling incognito.

The video below, posted yesterday by the Stan Winston School, features Meier modeling his latest nightmare-inducing creation, much to the discomfort of the camera operator (who comments “It’s gross”), and to the hellish screams of just about everyone else.

If you think you’ve nailed your look for this Halloween, you should probably start saving your pennies now… top-of-the-line Hyperflesh masks carry a very hefty price-tag. The “Little Girl” pictured here, for example, will set you back $3500 plus shipping.