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Did Police Capture the Queen of the Black Eyed Children?

When a police SWAT team responded to a situation last Friday near the South Carolina town of Indian Land, they probably weren’t expecting to come face-to-face — or, more specifically, eye-to-eye — with the sinister visage of Morgan Joyce Varn.

According to the Charlotte Observer, 24-year-old Varn was arrested along with 23-year-old Jonathan Mikael Robinson, and is currently being held in Lancaster County Jail on charges of kidnapping, armed robbery and property damage.

Image Credit: Lancaster County Police Department

But Varn’s arrest wasn’t the cause of the sudden social media frenzy — it’s her unsettling mugshot that grabbed worldwide attention, and caused more than a few commenters to point out her resemblance to the notorious urban legend of the “Black Eyed Children” — one of the most enduring and frightening examples of the creepypasta genre.

We can’t back that up with hard evidence at this point… but it’s sure to inspire a few spinoff stories.

Other users claim Varn’s image, which showcases her glassy, black-on-black eyes (even the direct camera flash can’t penetrate the darkness), is just photoshopped… but many claim it’s an example of the practice of eye tattooing, in which ink is injected directly into the sclera and cornea.

This practice previously made headlines when convicted felon Jason Barnum — a.k.a. “Eyeball” — stood before Alaska Superior Court in 2012, revealing exactly how he got his infamous nickname.