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From The Creators Of INSIDE PSYCHO Comes The HOLLYWOOD & CRIME Podcast!

A few weeks back, we alerted you to the new 6-part podcast series from Wondery titled INSIDE PSYCHO, which told the behind-the-scenes story of the making of Alfred Hitchcock’s 1960 masterpiece! Well, you may want to check out their investigative docu-drama podcast series HOLLYWOOD & CRIME!

The show is back for a special edition where Jim Clemente, a retired FBI supervisory Special Agent and former NYC prosecutor, and host of Real Crime Profile along with true-crime expert Joan Renner join Hollywood & Crime host Tracy Pattin for a deeper look at the Black Dahlia murder and other similar cases that point towards a serial killer link!

“The most unique element about our show is how we tell these stories. In each case, we start with the discovery of the body and then we relate events as the investigation unfolds, hour by hour and day by day. The format is modeled after the way we consume news about sensational murders or other tragic events today — but told here with dramatizations of officers interviewing suspects and witnesses, detectives strategizing their investigations, officials holding news conferences with the press, breaking news radio broadcasts and reporters in pursuit of the truth.”

The big finale comes on 5/11 so stay tuned every Friday on all podcast outlets, including iTunes, Stitcher, and the Wondery app!