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PHANTASM Creator Don Coscarelli Joins Mick Garris On The Latest POST MORTEM!

If you’re a horror fan, then POST MORTEM should be one of your must-listen podcasts. (Right next to Shock Waves, of course!) Mick Garris hosts, and delves into informative, in-depth interviews with some of the finest fellow filmmakers and peers. He’s had everyone from Rob Zombie to Eli Roth to Walter Hill on. Not to mention a political debate with John Landis and Joe Dante, as well as a great chat with XX directors Jovanka Vuckovic and Karyn Kusama.

They’ve all been great conversations, but here’s the one I’ve been really waiting for… Don Coscarelli! To me, Coscarelli is one of the most unique and interesting voices in the horror genre. Between the PHANTASM franchise, which is enjoying a resurgence thanks to the 5th and final movie, along with an epic box set release from Well Go USA, to cult favorites BUBBA HO-TEP and JOHN DIES AT THE END, I’m endlessly fascinated by stories from this particular master of horror. And this conversation doesn’t disappoint! We get to hear about everything from his earliest features, to how they brought to life Don’s nightmare of the PHANTASM sphere, to his encounter with Stephen King and how we almost helmed SILVER BULLET.

A lot of great stuff and you can fin the latest POST MORTEM episode with special guest Don Coscarelli RIGHT HERE. (Also, you can subscribe on iTunes!)

Find it directly on the Podcast One website, or search for it on your podcast app or on iTunes and subscribe. You should also check out the archive of his video interviews via his official website: