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Horror Short Of The Week: Face The Stranger Within In SQUARED!

Here at, we always enjoy stumbling upon and finding creepy new horror short films that we can share with you. This is what we all live for, right?

This following one comes from writer/director Tony Leech, and it’s a unnerving little tale about getting a mysterious call… from yourself! It’s called SQUARED. Have a look!

Leech made the short on his own as a one man crew to see if it was possible. He was inspired by two things: the shorts of David Sandberg, who made LIGHTS OUT, and eventually the LIGHTS OUT feature. And also, an automated telemarketer! “The inspiration for the short came after receiving a call… from myself,” explained Leech. “Turns out, it’s just a tactic some scammers use — spoofing your number in hopes that curiosity will get you to pick up the phone. I didn’t pick up, but it gave me the ‘what if’ for the short.”

You can find more of Tony’s work via his Vimeo page right here.