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Reebok Unveils ALIEN “Stomper” Sneakers For ALIEN Day!

April 26th is now officially known as “ALIEN Day,” and so lots of retailers are taking advantage of our love of all things xenomorph! For example, Mondo has a brand new 4 LP release of Jerry Goldsmith’s original ALIEN score (with restored alternate cues) available for pre-order now! Be warned, this sucker is $75 bucks. But there’s also the 2 LP version for $35, available direct through Mondo.

But those fine fiends at Reebok? Oh, they’ve got something special for you.

These new sneakers were designed by Chris Hill and Xavier Jones. The Reebok Alien Stomper ‘Final Battle’ pack will be available in unisex sizing beginning July 18 for $325. Additional details are available on the Reebok Alien Stomper page. Reebok is also offering 26% off items sitewide using the code ALIEN26.


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