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R.I.P. SILENCE OF THE LAMBS Director Jonathan Demme

We’re terribly saddened to learn this morning that Oscar winning director Jonathan Demme has died at the age of 73, losing his battle with esophageal cancer.

Of course, to genre fans, he’s most well known for the film that earned him an Oscar as “best director,” THE SILENCE OF THE LAMBS, the second cinematic adaptation of author Thomas Harris’ infamous cannibal psychologist Hannibal Hector, but the first to feature Anthony Hopkins in the role. He also got his start, like many of his peers, with Roger Corman on the flicks CAGED HEAT and CRAZY MAMA. His extensive work in the music world gave us the TALKING HEADS documentary/live show STOP MAKING SENSE, and of course, he also helmed such films as SOMETHING WILD, MARRIED TO THE MOB and PHILADELPHIA.


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