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Marilyn Manson’s Latest Instagram Videos Are Incredibly Creepy — Even for Him

Yeah, I know — it shouldn’t surprise anyone, myself included, to discover Marilyn Manson’s Instagram isn’t exactly packed with funny cat memes and touchy-feely inspirational quotes (although I must admit that would be kind of amazing). But, it would seem, the infamous shock-rocker — or at least his PR people — has been very busy recording and posting a handful of weekly videos to that account over the past month… and these clips are starting to seriously freak people out.

6:19. The time has come.

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Bearing cryptic, doomy captions like “6:19. The time has come” and “Hisatrocitionics,” the clips appear to be hand-held phone footage taken during an apocalypse-level supernatural disaster of some sort, as emergency sirens can be clearly heard echoing from all directions, along with the screams of panicked crowds.

The Sleep of Reason Produces Monsters

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Also clearly visible is Manson’s familiar double-cross logo, which can be seen glowing eerily in three different locations; in one case the cross adorns what looks like a large modern church.

Mercury Retrograde

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In the most recent upload (from one week ago), the camera operator can be heard breathing rapidly in terror while driving at top speed, running several stop signs while apparently fleeing an unseen menace; the previous clip shows him entering the car as a horrific screech is heard off-camera.

Eventually the driver exits the car, and his pursuer apparently makes itself known…


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It seems likely these clips represent the early stage of a new promotional campaign, but Manson has yet to unveil the mystery. His latest album SAY10 was originally slated to drop back in February, but that release was stalled for reasons unknown… perhaps it’s raising its villainous head at last?