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Ten Horror Movies to Watch on 4/20

Happy 420! Seeing as recreational marijuana use just became legal in a handful of states, there is much to celebrate this year! When selecting the best film for the occasion, you will likely want to pick something rather light and mellow, nothing too overly scary. But just in case you really want to freak yourself out, I included one super scary movie that, when watched in tandem with herbal refreshments, will likely leave you screaming in terror.

EVIL BONG (2006)

From the twisted brains over at Full Moon comes the EVIL BONG and a whole variety of sequels and spin-offs. A sinister bong traps anyone who smokes from it in a surreal alternate reality strip club filled with creatures and killer strippers. Plus, it stars Tommy Chong!


IDLE HANDS (1999)(Cover photo)

This may be the ultimate stoner movie. Directed by Rodman Flender, IDLE HANDS focuses on a pot-loving teen whose right hand becomes possessed with an evil spirit. It’s outrageous and hilarious even if you’re not high.



This is a Troma film, so the movie is guaranteed to have a requisite quota of nudity, sex, carnage, mutations, gore, and dark comedy. Tromaville High School is located directly next to a nuclear power plant, and radioactive waste has polluted everything from the school’s drinking water to marijuana plants growing on the property, thus turning students in violent mutants.



This movie is widely considered to be one of the first cult movies ever. Originally made in the 30s as an exploitative, over-the-top drug awareness movie, the marijuana advocacy group NORML began hosting screenings of REEFER MADNESS decades later to help fund their projects. The movie developed a whole new following and understanding as viewers laughed at melodramatic characters going bat shit bonkers after just one puff. It is a totally over-wrought riot, perfect for any 4/20 celebrations.



In the mid 2000s, a musical parody of the original 1936 exploitation film was created, and it is fantastic! Not a fan of musicals? Well, you may like this one. It somehow makes fun of musicals alongside religion, racism, paranoia, and more. The script utilizes the same melodramatic concept of the original film, but cleverly satirizes it. Plus, Jesus sings a song.



This Chiodo Brothers cult classic is magnificently silly, boasting a phantasmagoria of colors and a dizzying assortment of carnival tunes.  Shadow puppets, cotton candy guns, drinking people through crazy straws…it is a hell of a classic horror ride.


THE TRIP (1967)

Back in the late 60s, B-movie maverick Roger Corman wanted to capitalize on the hippy drug craze. The product was this bizarre movie written by Jack Nicholson and starring Peter Fonda and Bruce Dern. The movie isn’t so much scary as much as just unsettling and “trippy” with ample amounts of peculiar imagery including witches, a torture chamber, kaleidoscopic patterns, and much more. View this in the same manner as Pink Floyd’s THE WALL- eyes wide and mouth hanging open while your brain tries to figure out what on earth is going on.



I must confess that in college this was the “high flick” of choice amongst several of my dorm mates. The movie is quite amusing while sober; while stoned it morphs into a hilarious and beguiling cinematic curio with a cackling Leprechaun dolling out revenge. Marijuana even becomes a prime plot point in the sequel LEPRECHAUN IN THE HOOD.


TICKS (1993)

TICKS aka INFESTED is a special-effects laden good time with a nice marijuana-themed subplot. When a group of rural marijuana farmers start using steroids on their plants to make them bigger, the chemicals mutate the local tick population causing them to grow to colossal proportions. With an all-star 90s cast and FX helmed by the legendary KNB team, this is a guaranteed party pleaser.



This film was originally released on 4/20. Directed by David Arquette, THE TRIPPER follows a group of hippies who journey into the woods for a bacchanalian- style celebration, but soon discover they are being stalked by a sadistic killer dressed as Ronald Reagan.


And for those who want to freak the hell out:

[REC] (2007)

Looking to have the shit scared out of you while in a “more suggestive” state? I highly recommend REC. I saw this one in a theater with a friend who had smoked up just before hand. The movie is incredibly scary to begin with, but herbs up the fear level immensely. While I was scared during the theatrical viewing, my friend screamed, jumped, and clawed the seat in terror.



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