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This Artist Is Turning Song Titles Into Epic Looking Horror Novels!

This is awesome! Courtesy of the wonderful world of Instagram, our own Ryan Turek turned me onto the work of artist Butcher Billy.

One of the fun things Butcher Billy does is take famous, well-known pop songs and turn them into the titles of vintage horror novels. I mean, as a kid, I used to spend hours marveling over the cover artwork of Stephen King and Clive Barker and Dean Koontz books. Before I could even delve into the actual novel, I already had a picture in my head of the horrors that waited within its pages!

Below you’ll find a sample of some of the stand outs, all of which I truly wish actually existed as horror novels!

You can find various products with these designs on them over at Butcher Billy’s Redbubble page. Also be sure to follow him on Instagram!



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