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Exclusive News on the Upcoming VOLUMES OF BLOOD Anthology Sequels!

Horror anthologies are hotter than ever, and there are many more highly-anticipated omnibus features looming on the horizon. One of the more notable indie anthologies headed your way is the follow-up to 2015’s award-winning feature VOLUMES OF BLOOD.

First, a little background… the original anthology was the first feature-length production from the “Unscripted Film School” program, created by filmmaker P.J. Starks (pictured above) in partnership with Daviess County Public Library in Owensboro, Kentucky (also the primary location for the anthology’s framing story).

After festival screenings last October, the sequel VOLUMES OF BLOOD: HORROR STORIES is garnering critical praise as well.

While the original VOB took its connective theme from urban legends, the sequel suggests a holiday motif, and relocates the bulk of the action to a creepy old house. The new trailer promises even more of the original’s pitch-black humor and ’70s-’80s splatter sensibilities… as well as even more buckets of the red stuff on tap.

Starks’ production banner Blood Moon Pictures recently secured a distribution deal with Petri Entertainment (FUNHOUSE MASSACRE) to release the sequel this July on Blu-ray, DVD and On Demand, via the company’s new horror-centric label Dark Cuts.

Starks and co-producer Eric Huskisson have also revealed that VOLUMES OF BLOOD III (official title to be determined) is already in development — and this time, the film’s creepiest twist comes before the cameras roll: the filmmakers have invited fans to submit their own short story ideas for the film’s final chapter.

“When I created VOLUMES OF BLOOD almost four years ago, it was an opportunity for a group of horror fans to work on a genre anthology specifically for the fans,” Starks told “Their support and excitement for the first paved the way for a sequel. Now that we’re moving ahead on a third installment, it only seems right the horror fans have a hand in its creation. That’s why we’ve reached out to the horror masses. We can’t wait to see what sort of concepts we get and that makes this really exciting.”

Starks also offered us some exclusive details about the third film — which promises to conclude the VOB canon with a bang.

“VOLUMES OF BLOOD III will take place in a police station on Halloween morning,” he reveals, “where four people have been arrested and brought in for questioning about their involvement in atrocities that took place across the city of Owensboro the night before on Devil’s Night.”

The film will feature more of the franchise’s main villain “The Face” (shown above, standing behind Starks), and the filmmaker hints that a few other familiar characters will return for what he calls “a proper ending to the franchise… balls out, anything goes.”

More details will be revealed soon, and we’ll get the word out to you pronto… plus you can keep track of the latest updates via the VOLUMES OF BLOOD Facebook page.