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9 International Horror Films on Netflix that You Need to See

Real horror fans read subtitles. There, I said it! At least once a week I’ll post up an article about an international horror film, and within seconds a whiny comment will appear lamenting about how the movie has subtitles. Real horror fans will read subtitles. So, for this week’s Netflix round-up, I have selected a fine assortment of international horror films, all bearing subtitles and all of them absolutely fantastic. And since Netflix just changed their rating system (no stars anymore), it has become drastically more difficult to tell what is a worthwhile viewing. Trust us- these are amazing films, well-worth a little extra reading, and all are currently available on Netflix streaming.

NIGHT WATCH (2004) and DAY WATCH (2006)- from Russia

In a futuristic urban society, people are divided up into two realms, the “forces of light” which control the day and “the forces of dark” which control the night. Both the movies in this franchise are epic!


THE HOST (2006)- from South Korea (Cover Photo)

This horror-comedy is a must-see for monster lovers. After hazardous chemicals are dumped into a river, the giant mutant creature emerges and captures a young girl. Her dysfunctional family must work together to try to defeat the monster and save her.


HERE COMES THE DEVIL (2012) from Mexico

While on a family vacation, two children go missing. While the parents and police assume it must have been a suspected child murderer, several days later the kids return unscathed. They have no memory of where they were, but they are different now…almost evil.


RAGNAROK (2013) from Norway

Looking for a family horror flick. RAGNAROK is perfect, feeling more like a scary action film in tune with KING KONG or JURASSIC PARK. If you love giant monsters, you won’t want to miss it! An archeologist and his team travel to a rural lake for research and happen upon an ancient, over-sized creature.


BIG BAD WOLVES (2013) from Israel

A brutal child killer is on the loose. A school teacher who is suspected of being the killer, a victim’s father, and a police detective all team up and work together to find the real culprit. Somehow, this movie also manages to be a sharp-witted black comedy.


TRAIN TO BUSAN (2016) from South Korea

A man is traveling on a train with his daughter when a zombie outbreak occurs. He and other passengers must try to survive while trapped on the speeding train. I. Love. This. Movie.


THE WAILING (2016) from South Korea

A police officer investigating a string of bizarre suicides in his small town discovers that the occurrences may actually be supernatural in nature.


UNDER THE SHADOW (2016) from the UK, Jordan, and Qatar

Set in the 1980s in a war-torn Iran, a woman and her daughter fight a dangerous supernatural entity in their abandoned apartment building.