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5 Villains, 5 Heroes… Let’s Recast Our Own MONSTER SQUAD!

Last week on episode 46 of the Shock Waves podcast, we welcomed special guests Andre Gower and Ryan Lambert from THE MONSTER SQUAD onto the show. And in honor of these particular guests, we wanted to give each other (and our listeners) a fun homework assignment. If you could pick any 5 monsters and any 5 heroes to face off against them in your own personalized version of THE MONSTER SQUAD, who would they be?

This isn’t as easy as it sounds! You want a group of villains that would realistically get along, cover all the basic scares, and prove to be quite a challenge to topple. In the same regard, you want your “squad” to be formidable foes and evenly matched against the threats they’ll have to conquer. We were all surprised by each others picks, but the justifications are made in the actual episode. (Embedded below, it’s during the last 15 minutes of Episode 46.)

To make it easier, we’ve got visual aids for the picks from all 4 co-hosts of Shock Waves. Check ’em out below!

So, what do you think of our picks? What are yours? Have fun and go crazy with it!

Tell us your 5 “monsters” and the 5 “squad” members you’d assemble to fight them in the comments below!



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