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Short Of The Week: Beware Of The Horror That Awaits On THE LONG WALK!

You ready for your weekly dose of bite sized horror?

This one came courtesy of the good ol’ You Tube algorithm! I spend a lot of time just falling down the rabbit hole, watching live band videos, quirky break-downs of my favorite superhero flicks, clips from late night talk-show television, and yes, checking out various horror shorts.

Ever get that feeling you’re being watched? Well, then this one might give you the creeps.

It comes from writer/director Carlos Lenz, and it’s called THE LONG WALK! Have a look.

Pretty cool, right?

At first, I was convinced there was a continuity error or two, but then realized it was all part of the spooky gag! I love little stories like this of being “trapped,” whether it be literal or metaphoric.

Lenz also edited the piece, camera was by Alexander Bowen, production assistance was by Miranda Waddy, music by Jeremy Chontow, and last but not least, make-up (and ghostly hand) by Natalie McCrea.

You can find more shorts over on the Lenz Pictures You Tube Page.