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This Pug-Fronted Black Metal Band is Exactly What You Need to Start Your Week

How often are you faced with this dilemma? You consider yourself as evil as they come… but you also adore puppies, kittens and other animals, and just want to kiss them on their cute little noses.

Yeah… I totally feel you on this one.

Fans of extreme metal know the snuggle-struggle — there’s even a certain subculture focused on this seemingly ironic juxtaposition of sweet vs. demonic images; one of the most popular examples of this is METAL CATS, an art book devoted to images of death metal musicians posing with their beloved cats.

In a similar vein was the novelty act “Caninus,” formed by guitarist Justin Brannan of death metal band Most Precious Blood, with vocals provided by Brannan’s pit bull Budgie. Sadly, that vocalist has since departed this world, but this year a new satanic savior has risen to offer renewed hope for all demonically-inclined pet lovers with a taste for blistering occult metal… and, even more importantly, a future for shelter animals in need of loving homes.

That salvation comes in the form of Pugtopsy — a black metal quartet fronted by a cuddly black pug named Pupcake Lövbacken. Their lineup also features guitarist Jordan Boksel, bassist Shan Dan and drummer Casey Liatorp, and their tracks are now being released by indie label Artery Recordings, whose impressive roster includes artists Iwrestledabearonce, Alesana, and I Declare War.

The latest single “Snorts of Sorrow” joins a growing list of Pugstopsy tracks available on iTunes, and revenues generated from music sales are donated to nonprofit animal charities — including “Neüterhead: Ace of Spays.”

As far as the actual listening experience goes, your results may vary (I pretty much giggled like a dork throughout the minute-and-a-half runtime of “Snorts”), but so far the band has been picking up a lot of traction among headbangers and animal lovers alike.

Check out Pugtopsy on iTunes, and visit their Facebook page for more info.