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The Terror Teds Crew Unleash These TINY TERRORS To Haunt Your Dreams!

Hey, remember the Terror Teds? Here’s a refresher…

Yeah, that terrifying thing!

Actually, they’re quite cute in person! I have the “Valentine’s” bear that’s tearing out his own heart. (Awwwwe.)

Well, the fine fiends responsible for those fuzzy, gory little bears are back with something new up their sleeves. Introducing… Tiny Terrors! Check out these pint sized creepy bears!

Here are the full details, and a little video of them in action!

Sitting at around 8cm high (Fist Size) each Tiny Terror is handmade and painted by our bear artist here at Terror Teds HQ. Complete with realistic rotting teeth, bloodshot eyes, ripped flesh and general bloody gore, finished with a dribbling wet look!

Tiny Terrors make the perfect horror buddy at your desk or bed side table and make for handbag accessories! These gruesome Terror Teds are handmade in the UK and released MONTHLY available worldwide. They feature clean traditional bears along with recognizable characters, all horrified with handmade gore.

Keep your eyes peeled for exclusive and rare Teds. Terror Teds are fragile and prefer to quietly guard your home rather than thrown around like a play toy! ​Enjoy browsing the Terror Teds at the official website right here… They’re ‘dying’ to meet you.

A new batch of Limited Edition Tiny Terrors is being released this month, April 2017! Get yours here!

Be sure to read our interview with the creators of Terror Teds right here!