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Rochester, NY Residents Spooked by “Lady in White” in a Storm-Damaged Tree

If you live in the vicinity of Durand-Eastman Park in Rochester, New York, you may have heard eerie tales of a mysterious being known alternately as “The White Lady” or “The Lady of the Lake.” She’s been the subject of numerous sightings throughout the region as far back as the 19th century, and served as the inspiration for the stylish supernatural drama LADY IN WHITE, written and directed by Rochester native Frank LaLoggia (FEAR NO EVIL) and filmed in Wayne County, NY.


According to local folklore, the woman is said to be a mournful spirit who wanders the woods for all eternity. Some stories depict her as a mother in search of her teenage daughter, who was supposedly murdered in the park; others assert the ghost is the murdered girl herself. Some variations on the legend even include a pair of otherworldly dogs which accompany the Lady on her quest.

Those tales took on a new life this year, when powerful winds tore through the park in late March, damaging several trees — including the one pictured here, taken from the following YouTube video by Keith Wozniak:

As you can see, when viewed at a certain angle, the tree shows the distinct shape of a woman in a long dress with her right arm raised above her head, holding in her left arm what looks like a small child.

Image Credit: Keith Wozniak via YouTube

Some viewers have noticed how the “Lady” appears to have a large, toothy mouth and a grossly distended jaw, silently howling into the void…


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