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10 Shows You Have to Watch on TV in 2017

There are a few new horror titles tapped for a move to the small screen in 2017, and they’ve all got our curiosity working overtime. What happens when one of Dan Simmons finest novels haunts our homes? Can an enormously popular Stephen King story find a comfortable spot on television? What in the world are we really going to get from the TWIN PEAKS reboot? We’re as curious as you are, and we’re here to make sure you’re watching what you should be watching in 2017.


Dan Simmons is one of the finest living authors. He’s consistent, and creepy, and – at times – extremely poetic. One of Simmons’ finest works, THE TERROR, is going to be premiering on AMC later this year and it very well may end up as the network’s newest hit. The novel, which tells a tale that focuses on paranoia, cabin fever, hopelessness and a monster buried within ice, waiting for man to creep along unsuspecting, is downright haunting. Simmons and Ridley Scott are on as two of the executive producers, which is a great sign, and knowing that Jared Harris and Ciarán Hinds are the gents fronting the series only instills further hope.


Last year the SyFy network caught everyone off-guard with CHANNEL ZERO: CANDLE COVE. SyFy has a bit of a reputation for their cheap and often absurd shows and original feature films; very few anticipate legitimately intriguing content to be delivered by SyFy, as dismal as that may sound. Just the same, CHANNEL ZERO was awesome and we all love creepypasta, which is where these ideas were birthed. It’s a fine combo, and those who happened to tune in to CANDLE COVE were fortunate to discover an unlikely winner. We’ll see if this one remains consistent as season two arrives later this year.


This may be a tough one to sell as a result of Frank Darabont’s universally adored feature length flick from 2007. Fans are loyal to that beast, and for good reason, as THE MIST is no doubt one of the finest adaptations of a Stephen King story in existence. It’s well-shot, well-acted and delivers one of film’s true shocking finales. It also happens to be a wildly engaging piece of work that proves more magnetic than most films ever even aspire to be. Whether or not it ends up working on the boob tube is an entirely different story, but we’re certainly willing to lend the new show our attention for as long as it proves capable of holding it.


AMERICAN HORROR STORY is a tested and true anthology series that toys with the emotions by delivering morbid, astounding and unbelievably graphic stories. It’s so intense it’s almost unfathomable that this one airs on FX, but it does. The question is: how many more seasons will be offered? The show is heading into its seventh season. It’s been around for a number of years now, which means it doesn’t have the novelty that new shows offer. It’s not “trending,” shall we say. Even though AHS is still delivering the goods, there’s no telling how much slack remains on the life line. We may get another half dozen seasons from AHS, we may get two. Either way, it’s still here, it’s still creative, and we’re still sending out the recommendation that you climb aboard.


THE WALKING DEAD is shambling toward the end, of that there’s no denying. It’s a great series, but it’s growing into pants too big to fit into the familiar format. Something has to give, and it seems as though the fans have decided that they’re willing to be the ones to make their voices known, all but pleading for some adjustments before catching the A-train with middle finger aimed right at the resistant crew. As it is, THE WALKING DEAD has been stretched so far that it is virtually impossible to fully invest in any single character. Hell, not even Rick Grimes or Daryl Dixon are the magnetic and loveable protagonists they once were. But, how can they be when viewers are forced to deal with a half dozen communities, all loaded with survivors, many of which are receiving screen time that does virtually nothing to move the story forward. The AMC crew may have just one final season to shoot if showrunners don’t reel the countless subplots and new characters in. There was once a very personal feeling that the show emitted, but that personal feeling is evaporating at lightning speed. We’re hoping AMC gets the train back on the tracks, but that’s far from a guarantee, so if you’ve been dedicated through seven seasons, you should do yourself a favor and cherish the upcoming eighth season… it really could be the last, especially with ratings dropping as drastically as they have. Enjoy it while it lasts!


STRANGER THINGS will return for a second season later this year, and if you caught the first season of Netflix’s riveting coming-of-age tale, you know that this is a series worth sticking with. Given the fact that the show is so new, it will likely enjoy more than a single additional season, and that’s good news. STRANGER THINGS could easily enjoy a five-six year run. We’re recommending you follow the second season of STRANGER THINGS because, quite frankly, it’s not just a nostalgic wonderland of visuals and atmosphere, it’s a top 5 series in 2017. Season two is tapped to return to Netflix on October 31st. Who needs to trick-or-treat when you can sit indoors and absorb modern day brilliance?


TWIN PEAKS was never a must-watch series for me. It’s a little bit unorthodox, and there were moments that are likely to leave your head spinning in confusion. But there was a real charm to the show, and the strange occurrences in Twin Peaks are no doubt going to win over genre fans… especially those that appreciate some of the more discombobulating science fiction themed shows, a la X-FILES. What the new series – which premieres on Showtime on May 21st – will bring us, and how faithful to the show’s first incarnation it will be, remains to be seen. The good news is, there are countless genre freaks all but climbing out of their skin in anticipation of the 2017 series’ launch, which, by the way, will welcome a few familiar faces for fans.


Cannibal stories are interesting. We’ve seen so many cannibal tropes established over the years that many have lost interest in the subgenre. But here’s the thing, SANTA CLARITA DIET is about as far from your typical cannibal piece as you can manage. The series – another Netflix exclusive – is crammed full of amazing situational comedy, top notch performances (Timothy Olyphant and Drew Barrymore are pitch-perfect, and make for a stellar screen couple), all kinds of blood and gore and some of the more preposterous scenarios one could conceive of. It never once takes itself seriously, and that’s just the cherry on top of this Bloody Sunday (yeah, that was a U2 reference… don’t crucify me).


I’ll be the first to admit that I absolutely loathe possession/exorcism films, and series’ alike. I’ve held that position for too many years to count. Knowing that you can understand that I’m stepping outside of the box with this selection. But it deserves it. And believe it or not, it feels nothing like a possession film, at all. The religious elements are there, but this is really about a bad ass, not-afraid-to-punch-a-kid-in-the-face recluse who’s trying to put the pieces of his life back together, all while confronting sick, sadistic bastards that hold something extremely evil inside of them. This is an amazing show, and it’s not to be slept on.


BATES MOTEL is currently in their final season. Soon we’ll no longer get the chance to witness that… uh, strange behavior between him and his mother, Norma. But there’s always a silver lining, and in this case, I think that silver lining leads to the 110% crumble of Norman Bates and a hell of a lot of gruesome scene of violence. And, in a few months all five seasons will be features on Netflix, and then we can binge away with commercial interruption! Either way, it’s the last season, and this show has earned its respect


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