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Did You Know Of The Existence Of THE SHINING MUSICAL?!

Musicals have been around forever. But it seems in the last decade or so, the rise of musicals based on famous horror properties has become extremely popular. And in most cases, they turn what could be serious, dour, scary material into some hilarious parodies. I never found THE SILENCE OF THE LAMBS particularly funny until I saw it reinterpreted as the stage show SILENCE: THE MUSICAL! RE-ANIMATOR has always been a blast, but as a stage show with songs, it’s even more bonkers than the movie version. And, of course, EVIL DEAD: THE MUSICAL gave us such classics as “Do The Neckronomicon” and “What The F&%# Was That?

So, I’m never surprised to learn of yet another horror parody musical. OK, maybe REDRUM: The Unauthorized Musical of THE SHINING caught me a bit off guard, but it’s what I happened to stumble upon online this week.

Here’s a clip back from 2013 featuring Marc Kudisch and Max Roll, as Jack Torrance and Delbert Grady respectively. The show itself was written and directed by Joe Lovero, with original music composed by Jon Hugo Ungar, with Lovero writing the lyrics. Shannon Lewis was the choreographer on the show.


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