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Spend Three Minutes with THE WIZARD OF SPEED AND TIME and Feel Your Mind Expand

Short films exist for a lot of reasons. Some tell stories that don’t have enough meat for a full feature. Some act as calling cards for directors to get bigger jobs. And one exists to spend three minutes expanding our brains and justifying everything we love about weird, cult cinema. That short is 1979’s THE WIZARD OF SPEED AND TIME, a three-minute spectacle from special effects designer Mike Jittlov.

What starts as a charming, retro, THE FLASH-esque adventure speeds through an array of impressive visuals and knife-sharp experimental editing, but until the final minute you ain’t seen nothing yet. Suddenly, the film ignites into a twisted Disney spectacle of perfectly realized stop motion that you have to see to believe. You might want to bring a towel, because it’ll get messy when your brain melts right out of your ears. Every time I watch this short, I have to sit back for a couple moments to let myself recover from the pure rush of cinematic electricity.

So please, when you’re ready, click play on the video below and buckle in.


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