The 13th Floor

Security Footage Captures a Woman’s Incredibly Creepy Secret Ritual

When this bizarre and unsettling video was uploaded to the Facebook page All Singapore Stuff, the user who posted it claimed the creepy woman shown in the CCTV footage is actually a maid who works for her… and she also believes she’s demonically possessed.

Nurul Baker identified the woman in the clip (whose name is not provided), and notes the housekeeper was taking a shower in her apartment on March 22, 2017, while Baker, her mother and two children were away.

Image Credit: All Singapore Stuff via Facebook

The maid suddenly begins behaving strangely — to the point where she seems to be under some kind of supernatural influence, or perhaps suffering from some kind of nervous episode; her head bowed and nodding repeatedly, she points to something only she can see… and later in the clip she can be seen crouching (or collapsing) on the kitchen floor.

Thousands of viewers have been sharing and commenting on the video in large numbers since it was first posted (it’s currently approaching one million views), and while some actually believe the woman in the footage is indeed possessed by some evil influence, the majority consensus holds that the video is a bizarre and creepy stunt — perhaps staged by the maid in the hope that Baker would become frightened enough to end her employment.

Since then, other users have posted similar videos to the page… most of which are crude but sometimes clever parodies of the original, like this one: