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Artwork And Miniatures Revealed For BIG TROUBLE IN LITTLE CHINA: THE GAME

Last year, an act of God occurred when it was announced that John Carpenter-obsessed game designers Chris Batarlis and Boris Polonsky at Everything Epic would be joining forces with Boom! Studios and 20th Century Fox to develop a board game for BIG TROUBLE IN LITTLE CHINA. Still in development, we now have visuals of the box art, game board art, and a first look at some of the finely sculpted miniature game pieces. In an interview with science and pop culture site GIZMODO.COM, Batarlis and Polonsky had this to say about the storyline and object of the game:

“It’s a thematic, cooperative, strategy, miniatures, adventure game that allows 1-4 players to experience the events they remember from the film as well as create new adventures of their own. The game plays in two acts: Act One uses the front side of the game board: Chinatown, while Act Two takes place on the back: Lo Pan’s lair. Players will choose from six characters, each with unique abilities, and will use custom dice for actions, quest tasks, and combat. They will also be able to use the communal fate dice, which come with a fun risk/reward mechanic. After completing quests and upgrading their characters, players will move to the back of the board for the big showdown with Lo Pan! Will the heroes stop Lo Pan’s evil scheme in time, or is everything gonna go to hell?”

Here is an up-close peak at the box art for the board game which captures the very essence of 80s action-packed cheese that built a cult following for the film in the first place:

The box features fan favorite characters such as the fierce Gracie Law, Lightning Rain, the furry beast Wild Man, and every man’s hero… good ol’ Jack Burton. Now enough about the box art… what’s in it?

This preview of the artwork for the board game itself is sure to send any fan of the BIG TROUBLE into a drooling, nostalgic frenzy as the various rooms on the board appear identical to the elaborate sets constructed for the classic film:

So far, the game’s miniatures include Thunder, Wang, Wing Kong Six Shooter, and the humble Egg Shen. The detailed sculpting involved in bringing these characters back to life shows the level of effort and great care that Batarlis and Polonsky have put into the BIG TROUBLE board game as an endearing tribute to the movie by fans for fans.

We continue to anxiously await information on Lo Pan and Jack Burton miniatures in addition to previews of the games’ die. But let’s be honest, everyone is going to battle over who gets to be Jack.

Although BIG TROUBLE IN LITTLE CHINA: THE GAME does not have a set release date as of yet, pre-orders will begin later this year. For the latest news updates on the board game, sign up here or follow the BIG TROUBLE IN LITTLE CHINA: THE GAME Facebook page. Go to Hell and save Chinatown! You were born ready!



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